Meet the Artist

Hiya! My full name Ashleigh Spaugh but I often go by A.J. because it’s so much easier for people to spell.  My interests vary greatly but my great love is combining my photography skills with my Photoshop/graphic design skills. My portfolio is fairly diverse, but that’s part of who I am. When I am not creating, I love to watch sports - especially hockey! - and when I am not doing that, more often than not I can be found playing video games, reading or binge-watching tv shows. My favorite tv show is Psych. Proof of this is that I have a black pug named Bruton Guster, aka Gus for short. Because I have heard it both ways.

In addition to Gus, there’s Mark Antony (Tony) who is a bear of dog that I adopted a while back from the pound. Azrael the black panther cat (ACOTAR name for any Sarah J Maas fans out there) and Dorian Tortillard the Sulcatta tortoise (Throne of Glass name play) rounds out the crew. Each one of my pets has a vastly different personality (watch out for Dorian specificially) but I love each one.

I moved to Vegas in 2016 in the middle of summer - not really recommended - and have not regretted it. I moved for a new start and I have found all that and more. My goal is to pay it forward with my skills by helping you with any photographic or graphic design needs you may need!